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Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, the culture of UAE and India plays an important part in my art journey. Inspiration for my paintings comes from Islamic Art & Architecture and the natural beauty of California. Drawing & painting in my childhood and practicing art in different mediums, I mastered my craft  while studying Interior Design and decoration 

My work is continuously evolving while learning new techniques and experimenting with a wide variety of mediums and textures in my Art studio located in Tracy, California


Interior Design & Decoration Diploma - Rhodec International 
Bachelors in Accounting and Graphic Design, India


Wearable Art Exhibition at Fashion Market, San Mateo, California 2019

Art Scarf Exhibit with Fleur De Scarves at Las Vegas Market 2019
Art Exhibit in Islamic Art & Architecture show Santa Clara, 2008
Santa Clara Water Color society Exhibit - Rose Shenson Gallery, California
Art Exhibit in Sunnyvale, California

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